The Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution: Stop Snoring & Improve Your Quality of Sleep

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We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That means that in my 35 years on earth, I’ve spent 11.7 years sleeping. Well, knowing me, I wouldn’t be surprised if I spent a lot more than that counting sheep. The quality of our lives while awake relies a great deal on the quality of the sleep we get. Not getting enough quality rest over a prolonged period can lead to some serious health complications, such as heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, depression and more (Web-MD). With such serious consequences from lack of quality sleep, it’s not hard to get motivated to take action to ensure you get enough rest. Although, if you’re a heavy snorer like me, it can be challenging to get a good night sleep, even if you’ve taken other measures to aid in your sleeping.

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Luckily there are products out there that help reduce and even stop snoring entirely. In this article, I’m going to discuss one product in particular that I have had success with in my search for the best stop snoring solution.

Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution

Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Solution


  • Easy to set up
  • Non-intrusive
  • It works


  • Can sometimes trigger with ambient noise

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The Smart Nora is an anti snoring solution, which is described by its maker as a “lifestyle enhancement device”. The Nora is intended for people whose snoring disrupts their quality of sleep and that of others. The company claims that the Smart Nora can enhance sleep continuity, which in turn can improve the quality of your awake hours.

How Does it Work?

The Smart Nora comes in two parts, a listening device (Pebble) that you can place on your bedside table, and an insert that you can slip into your existing pillowcase.

The Pebble is fitted with a microphone that listens for sounds of snoring. When snoring is detected, the Nora begins to gently move the pillow insert to slightly raise your head. This movement stimulates your throat muscles and opens your airways to allow for the better passage of air, which in turn eliminates snoring.

How Smart Nora Works

My Experience:

I ordered my Smart Nora online and it arrived within days. At first, I had my reservations about spending over $100 on a device that I was uncertain would help me, but I noticed that Nora had over 100 reviews on Amazon, most of which were positive. I also saw that Smart Nora offered a 30-day return policy, which is a big plus for me. Also, many of the reviews I read online were mostly positive, which provided me with piece of mind towards making my purchase.

The setup was surprisingly easy. I connected the Smart Nora base into a wall socket, and slipped the pillow insert into the pillow case of my favorite pillow. I had to charge the Pebble for a few hours before I could use it. Charging the Pebble is done by plugging it directly into the Nora’s base via the USB cable provided.

Once the Pebble was charged, I turned it on and placed it on my bedside table. The Pebble offers 3 sensitivity levels, low, medium and high, which allows users to adjust the listening sensitivity of the device. Factors such as the loudness of your snoring, and ambient sounds that may interfere with the Pebble’s listening abilities (more on this below). For the first night, I decided to set the Pebble’s sensitivity to “High”.

Throughout the first night, I noticed the Pebble triggered the pillow insert a couple of times when I wasn’t snoring. In both cases, I was laying down, awake, and talking to my roommate. Aside from these instances, I would classify my first night as a success. My roommates reported to me the next morning that they did not notice any significant snoring coming from my room.

It’s important to note that the Smart Nora did not wake me up at any point throughout the night. However, I assume that this depends on how light of sleeper you are. I for one am not woken too easily, but I do not consider myself to be either a light or heavy sleeper.


The most common question I get about this experience is, does Smart Nora work ?. The answer to this question, for me at least, is yes. The Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution is a reliable product that delivers on what it promises. Although the price is higher than many other anti-snoring aids, the benefits of not disturbing others with my snoring, and improving the quality of my sleep, far outweigh the cost of the device. I wanted to stop snoring, and the Smart Nora helped me accomplish just that.

If you’re looking for ways on how to not snore while you sleep, the Smart Nora is definitely one of the best stop snoring pillow solutions on the market.

Smart Nora Contact Information:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information online regarding a customer service telephone number for Smart Nora. If you prefer speaking to a person for your customer service needs, it seems that you’re out of luck when it comes to the Smart Nora. However, Smart Nora does have a live chat option on their website, which is the next best thing to phone support.

Also, if you have any general questions, you can contact Smart Nora via their web form by clicking HERE.

If you prefer researching the answers to your questions, Smart Nora has published a pretty extensive knowledge-base that answers many of the most common technical support questions they get. You can browse the Smart Nora Support Knowledge-base by clicking HERE.

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